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The Bridal House

"On The Hill"

  • 3250 sq ft. ranch style home
    2 rooms equipped with Salon-style mirrors and chairs for makeup & hair professionals
    Mimosa and coffee bar
    Kitchen area
    3 bedrooms
    Wrap-around porch
    Sleeps up to 8
    2 and 1/2 bath
    Great area for father daughter "first look" photos
    Equipped with a washer and dryer
    Overnight Stay Available!

the groom's cabin

"on the hill"
  • Kitchen area
    2 Bedrooms
    Sleeps up to 5
    2 Bathrooms
    Vintage poker table
    Overnight Stay Available!

The caddy shack

"the Golf Course"
  • Located only 2 miles away from the Bridal House and Groom's House
    2 Bedrooms
    Sleeps up to 5
    1 Bathroom
    Kitchen area
    Overnight Stay Available!

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local highlights

Amidst our stunning landscapes and a wealth of amenities designed for your relaxation and entertainment, we understand that sometimes you just want to explore the local attractions! Here, we present a curated list of notable destinations catering to varied preferences.

Additionally, should the need for additional lodging arise beyond our on-site accommodations, rest assured, a selection of charming options awaits. For comprehensive details on these attractions and supplementary lodging choices, we invite you to download our exclusive attractions guide by clicking below.

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